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The NHADA is proud to support the efforts of our education-based athletic leaders at the middle level.  We look forward to partnering with more middle school athletic directors as we move forward.  We have expanded our Executive Board to include a middle school athletic director representative, David Babin, from Merrimack Middle School.  He will be reaching out to all middle school ADs soon to introduce himself and his involvement in the NHADA.

Our goal is to offer Leadership Training Classes to you to help you become better prepared for the position, to give you a voice in our organization and to give you an opportunity to network with other ADs outside your area.  We want to help but need to know what your needs are.  Look for a survey once David makes contact with you.




Leadership Training Courses for Middle School Athletic Directors:

LTC 700 Athletic Administration: Administration of Middle School Athletic Programs
This course provides insights and strategies for the leadership of developmentally sound educationally compatible middle school athletic programs. Middle school philosophy is discussed along with the relationship it has to the psychological and physical development of the middle school child. This course also focuses on concerns and/or challenges raised about the value of middle school sports programs in today’s educational setting. Required for RMSAA.

LTC 701 Athletic Administration: Administration and Application of Middle School Athletic Programs
This course provides the necessary strategies, methods, and resources to develop and implement middle school athletic programs and concentrates on the role of the middle school coach and coaching principles. Middle school athletics is an essential part of the total educational process, and the coach is a critical component in a developmentally sound and educationally compatible program. Required for RMSAA.


In case you were unable to attend the NHADA Informational Zoom Meeting for Middle School ADs on Tuesday 11.2.21, here is the recording for you to view.



Have you downloaded the NHADA Middle School App?  Click here for more information.

More to come...