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Healthy ADs

UPDATED 8.23.21
Information previously listed on this page has moved to the 2020 Virtual Learning tab.  Find information for ADs, students and coaches there to help deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.
Balancing life and work
PODCASTS:  (See descriptions of 4 podcasts at bottom of page)
Balancing Family Life  Episode 76 (15:56-46:25)
Balancing Life As An AD Episode 34  (29:20-57:30)
The COVID Report: Episode 94  (11:00- 01:08:57)

94 episodes

The Off Duty ADs are three active high school athletic directors discussing the state of high school athletics today while they're off the clock. This podcast is intended for anyone within the world of high school athletics.


6 episodes

High School athletics is one of the best classrooms for developing future leaders in society. The ADInsider interviews Athletic Directors and industry experts to help share experiences, advice, and perspectives on how to avoid issues, innovate the current model, and ultimately create the best possible learning environment for High School athletes. If you are passionate about High School athletics and want to hear how others in the industry are finding solutions to their challenges this podcast is for you!

51 episodes

A podcast generated by three Iowa athletic directors for athletic directors. Each week we will talk about current program issues we are all dealing with as AD's, some hot topics and we will have some fun along the way talking about things happening with our family and friends. We'll talk with special guests inlcuding athletic directors currently doing the job, retired AD's and people we work with inside and outside of the school who help to make our programs successful. Join Todd Gordon, Scott Garvis, and Aaron Stecker for Beyond the Bench. Support this podcast:


Hangin With The AD Podcast 

Hangin with the AD is an interview style podcast where Don Baker, Cobb County School District Director of Athletics, partners with Josh Mathews, Pope High School (GA) Athletic Director, to discuss hot topics and lessons learned with leaders in the world of athletics. These leaders include high school athletic directors at the district and local school levels; college athletic administrators; leaders in spaces that connect to athletics such as nutrition, wellness, recruiting, student-athlete recognition; current and former athletes; and others, who can help athletic administrators develop themselves and their programs for a better daily experience for their athletic communities. We hope you enjoy the time we spend with these special guests. Please leave us a review or rating to help us know how you were benefited from this podcast or how we can improve it. Thank you for listening. And until next time, thank you for spending your time, Hangin with the AD.

100 episodes

Positive inspiration and encouragement to help you overcome your challenges and make a greater impact! Hosted by bestselling author, Jon Gordon.



194 episodes

Being an Athletic Director today is as challenging as it is rewarding and our Podcast is here to help! FIAAA 2020-21 President and CMAA, Jake von Scherrer visits with some of the top school based AD's and coaches in the country as they share their stories along with Best Practices to help YOU to help your students, your teams, your coaches, and your community! THIS - is the Educational AD Podcast!